Tuesday, January 16, 2007

December...Timothy Sharko from Wentworth Solutions, Chicago

In December, Stuart and I met with Timothy Sharko. Timothy is the Director of Wentworth Solutions, which is an organization that collaborates with businesses to shrink the IT gap. His expertise focuses on updating old business models and revamping aging systems. His website is http://www.wentworthsolutions.com/.
Before the new year, Timothy was kind enough to meet with us to discuss the process of asking for corporate donations. This was a new process for me, so it was extremely helpful to meet with Timothy who has been working with local corporations in the Chicago area for years.

The first bit of advice that Tim brought to our attention was the importance of Chicago's interest in winning the bid for the Summer Olympics. Surprised? So was I! Tim made the connection that Mayor Daley has been promoting this city as the "greenest city" in the US, and that the city may be able to help facilitate connections with corporations that have demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable development/etc. (paraphrasing).

This theme could easily be a way for us to connect with the larger city community, and link our installation as a resource that responds to the "green" interest in our city.

What was a wake-up was the two degrees of separation between local communities and big business. Now I say this with a big grain of salt, I know that there is no easy channel between me and a huge global business that is located in Chicago. But I find it reassuring that these two big groups can be an outlet for suppor for local community projects which seeks to promote a new way of thinking when it comes to community living.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Urban Warp/Weft

Amanda Browder and Stuart Keeler, Urban Warp / Weft
an At the Edge: Innovative Art in Chicago project

April 24 - June 2, 2007
Opening reception: Wednesday, April 25, 5-8 pm

A community collaboration that will weave a combination of recycled materials with plant material throughout the interior and exterior of the gallery space as explorations of ecological connections.

Looking For Volunteers!

Calling all Volunteers: April 10th-24th or Now!
We are looking for students, volunteers, active members of the community, etc. to help with the construction of this project. We are interested in collaborating with any new groups that wish to get their hands dirty, and help with the installation of this show. We need carpenters, people that have a green thumb, people who are good at organizing other people, and more!

send us an email: amandabrowder@gmail.com or stutzart@aol.com
or call us at 312-339-7942

tell your friends, teachers and employers!