Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A.N. Pritzker School Collaboration

Collaboration is a key element to this project. On May 17th, we are hosting an art class taught by Mindy Swartz (local sculptor, and UIC Grad) from A.N. Pritzker School near Wicker Park. This art class will be visiting our exhibit to collaborate with us in two ways...

1) Paper Shredding: For the last few weeks Ms. Swartz's class has been collecting and shredding paper that is traditionally disposed of at their school. Diligently these students have been redefining the system of paper product flow through their school and creating a future addition to our installation. When the students arrive on May 17th, they will be adding their collection to the pile hence redirecting their schools system to another place in the city. Stuart and I regularly discuss this as a process of Urban Warp/Weft; an urban redefinition of a system within our city.

2) Failed Utopic Projects: In addition to the shredded paper, Mindy Swartz's class will be presenting their version of their own "failed utopic ideas." This brainstorming technique supports our interest in how only from an idea will a project follow through. This book will feature their ideas for either the school or elsewhere on what could be changed architecturally, visually or conceptually. The book will be presented on May 17th, and will hang in the installation at UIC.

As a final part to this collaboration, we have encouraged the students to come to the show and group together as "art critics." After their visit we will be posting their responses to the show on our blog for people to read. Conversations and criticism welcome, we look forward to the students' arrival!

Please view their critiques as they are posted! Thanks to Mindy Swartz and the class at A.N.Pritzker!