Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Installation Day 1 and 2

We are artists. Together we underscore a larger idea that is about repsonding to conservation and ideas of sustainability. We are not interested in solving the problem singlehandedly, although - if we could we would. (like most people) As we went about installing, talking, thinking and sharing information and views about this issue, we realized that in our collaboration together the idea of "collaboration" and discussion are larger than the both of us. It encompasses a larger community. A collective of people that not only lives together, but talks, converses, and moves via the systems of a city. An Urban Warp/Weft.
Collaboration is larger than just us.

Today, at Home Depot it was interesting, you never know who is standing next to you in the city space, or wherever. A woman, named Kay wanted to know why we were there looking at chicken wire, she enquired if we had chickens. We said "no" and dialgoue ensued. This was interesting, yes this was social sustainability in action, where people converse for no reason other than to share information as a friendly exchange.

Our own language of HOW we collaborate is being invented as we work. This ideally, one could suppose is a work in progress, as is any social exchange in the ongoing dialogical enquiry of art and people and the everyday, as this is a response.

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Anonymous said...

Our opening went wonderfully !