Saturday, February 3, 2007

Febrary Begins

Yesterday we went to the Center for Neighborhood Technology. A dubious sounding name for some great people who want the world to be a better place. Yes, it sounds like abit like Noah's Ark, but I an assure you they hip to the ideas of "Green" and are keen to education and other social tenets of making change to a world that is slowly becoming big fat microwave.

Feb 2
Fertile Gardens is a beautiful Nursery on the Northside, Diversey and two block west of Ashland Ave.
The people are nice, and we might buy our tree there. Run...don't walk to this place if you can.
(who said that expression first?.........Dolly Madison, Gypsy Rose Lee ? )

Feb 3
I wanna live........Met with an engineer, he thinks that the Tree idea can work. But, it is all about the install. He asked how long it will be on the building. It would be nice longer than the show. If it can live. More coming.

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