Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Egads.....Heavens to Mergatroid. Many countries have failed to meet targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions laid out in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. The United States has never ratified the pact. And on Friday, the Bush administration reiterated its rejection of imposed cuts on greenhouse gases. USA did not go to the international meeting in Paris led by Jacques Chirac. Meanwhile, if a butterfly in the jungle of the Amazon can be felt on the Southside of Chicago, the question is: When will leaders, and humanity (lack of a better word) wake up to acts of social sustainability - that conversation creates change on a local level and global? With this work, we are trying to connect people, create collaboration in a new way that can maybe, just maybe make change and inspire new ways of industry to collaborate in the production of the world economy. Yes, albeit a grand gesture, and large idea. Gotta start somewhere.

We met with Farris Wahbeh from the Center for Intutive and Outsider Art. Intuit, often purchases at auction estates of particular artists. The estate can include, floor, walls, ceiling, and everything in the space. Art for arts sake? This is a sustainable action, historicism with respect for the past, as well as understanding a new invention of the word - re-use, re-claimed.

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